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HUMANS ██████████████ 28
ELDRITCH ███████████████ 30
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HYBRID ███ 7
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Welcome Page!

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Welcome Page! Empty Welcome Page!

Post by Admin Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:13 am

Welcome Page! MxN121u

Welcome to Vyldermire.

An alternate universe RPG located in the wondrous and magical realm of Vyldermire. Vyldermire is a high fantasy RPG with a semi-modern twist, with in-depth lore coupled with a diverse list of magical races and species for players to immerse themselves in. In addition to this, the RPG also includes fun level building, and even an optional stat system for members to also enjoy. Come explore this incredible world, become a strong warrior, perhaps join a guild. The possibilities are endless!

Please note this RPG is still in its primary development phase, we hope to build a wonderful community full of creativity, fun, and roleplay.

Start a new life in our world and see where it takes you~

What is Vyldermire?

Vyldermire is a magical realm set in an alternate universe, it is a vast world filled with all sorts of mystical beings. This RPG has been designed with its own geography and extensive lore to provide a detailed roleplay for you to explore. The stories laid out are structured so that when you immerse yourself into the forum, your characters' experiences are not only unique to your own design but also contribute to the world around them. And we here at Vyldermire aspire to give you lots of elements to enjoy so that you can have a fun and full experience as you progress on your journey. From hunting monsters, completing quests, taming pets, and meeting other adventurers, to rising up the ranks of society and building your reputation, to the alternative of existing in the shadows as a Rogue, your story is what you make it.

Interested in learning more? Here are some links that will provide more details on the worlds history, geography and it's wildlife;

Link to Vyldermirean History
Link to Monster Encyclopedia

What kind of character can I play?

Here in Vyldermire, you have the choice to roleplay as whatever sort of species you want and, to build on the world's design, we have sorted the various species into four key races. These four races are vital to the development of Vyldermirean history and how the story of this world develops. Make sure to read up about the races and decide which race best fits your character!

There are four key races here at Vyldermire;

  • Humans
  • Eldritch
  • Gaiyans
  • Anthros

There is also a unique type of special race that one can have as well as a key race known as an Otherworlder. If you have trouble choosing from a race and want to mix the species (i.e. half human, half eldritch etc), that is fine, just be sure to read up on Vyldermirean history so that it ties into the current lore of the forum as each race has a unique history with each other and it is worth learning about should you decide to integrate them.

A little lost on how to start?
Click here to see our Newbie Guide

And if you need help figuring out where everything is,
Click here for our glossary of Site Links~

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Welcome Page! Empty Re: Welcome Page!

Post by Admin Fri Jan 15, 2021 12:09 am


Welcome Page! KShx4oY

Humanity is perhaps the most heavily populated of all the races, despite the drastic effects of the Great Holy War that killed over a quarter of the human population. By terms of numbers, there are still many more humans than there are any other race, during this current time of the world's history. They are considered the more dominant of the species, thanks to their progressions in magic as well as technology.

Human Classification:

Welcome Page! IDKrdlF

The Eldritch did not come into this world as a creation of Vyldermire but rather was born from other creatures from the world that have 'fallen from grace'. Originally they came together as a collection of humans, demons, and sentient monsters with no place to belong. However, with time they have developed into their own powerful race, so powerful that for many a millennium they were able to dominate over the other species of the world. For a long time, there was great animosity between humans and the Eldritch. The Eldritch would prey and toy with humans and in turn, humans would hunt and kill their kind. However, under the current peace treaty of Eirinai they are obligated to live together in peace. However not all humans and Eldritch live by this law and conflict still exists in the world's shadows.

Eldritch Classification:

Welcome Page! LwxHkWh

Gaiyans, also known as The Ancients, were the original species to occupy the realm of Vyldermire. The oldest species to have occupied this earth, they have a long history of watching the world grow. Originally born from the earth itself, it is said that Gaiyans are made to protect the world and its ecosystem. As such they are a peaceful, yet incredibly powerful race. For what they lack in strength and speed, they make up with incredible magical power. Much more in tune with the realm and the magics it provides to them, they are a formidable species. Fortunately, their key aspirations are merely to watch over the earth and ensure that the balance is kept, and have a tendency to be such deep thinkers that they are slow to interfere.

Gaiyan Classification:

Welcome Page! 6OiGH1v

Anthros are a mysterious and elusive race, for a long time they were considered the lowest species in Vyldermire. their origins are unknown to all, some speculate that they are born from the interbreeding of Gaiyans and humans, others assume that like Gaiyans they were also born from the earth. Alas due to their tragic history, the truth behind their origin was lost.

Over three thousand years ago, the Anthros were captured and enslaved by humans, as their blood is toxic to the Eldritch. They were forced into guarding the humans, as well as made into servants. In retaliation to this, the Eldritch set about creating new ways to hunt and kill the Anthros. As such the history of their people was lost under the human rulership, erased from texts, and lost completely. It was only when the Gaiyans stepped in that the Anthros race was freed from human capture and placed under the protection of the Gaiyans, until such a time that they grew strong enough to protect themselves. Whilst this was so long ago that not many remember this time, there are still some who remember the cruelty.


Welcome Page! So9Z9l1

Otherworlders are travellers that are not from this world, they can come here from different planets, dimensions, or timelines and always arrive in the Hoptus Forest inside the broken loop of the Sylvian Ruins. Once you have been transported into this world, it is very difficult to leave. In addition to this, when Otherworlders first arrive their auras are out of sync with this world, and as such the world's inhabitants will be initially hostile but as time goes on this will ease. Otherworlders can be a dual-race type being both Otherworlder and human, Eldritch or Anthros. The only species that they cannot overlap with is Gaiyan as Gaiyans are specifically born in this world.

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Welcome Page! Empty Re: Welcome Page!

Post by Admin Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:03 pm


All citizens of Vyldermire are classified into two categories; they are either a member of the Adventure's Guild or they are a Rogue. Being a member of the Adventurer's guild means you have registered yourself into the official syndicate of Vyldermirian Adventurers. You are under legal employment as an adventurer, and as such can take any of the available quests provided you fit the requirements for them. Members of the Adventure's Guild will also gain a reputation bonus when doing jobs, whilst Rogues do not. Rogues are individuals who do not wish to be officially registered as an adventurer. They can still take quests but they cannot take quests that are classified as 'AG only', nor do they gain the reputation bonus of being associated with the Adventurers guild.  Rogues do, however, get other benefits associated with their class.

The benefits for both classifications are as follows;

Adventurers Guild Members

50% More Reputation points when doing quests.
Can apply for any official position on site, regardless of realm.


The ability to use 'Rogue's Trade', this allows them to make a trade for either more Vyldergold or more Exp points when turning in jobs. The exchange is as follows;

  • 25% More Exp for 50% less Vyldergold
  • 50% More Vyldergold for 25% less Exp.

They also gain the additional benefit of a 'Blackmarket Discount', meaning they get a 5% discount in The Armory.

Whilst Rogues can apply for positions in the Eldritch Realm, they cannot apply for an official position in the Common Realm or the Guardian Knights. Regardless of your classification, Adventurers and Rogues can also belong to Vyldermirean Factions. Factions are associations of people who come together to fulfil a mutual goal. Read more about our current Factions here.


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