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Site Rules Empty Site Rules

Post by Admin Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:13 am

Site Rules EYFt7AE

These are the rules and guidelines under which Vyldermire operates, all members of this forum are expected to uphold these rules so that we can co-exist in a friendly roleplay community. Breaching these rules will result in a warning as well as other OOC consequences.

  • 1. Refrain from Toxic behaviour
    In order for us to have fun, it is important that we do our best to contribute to a pleasant environment, there are certain actions that we here at Vyldermire will not permit because not only does it make people's time on the site uncomfortable, but it's not fair on our member base.
    Examples of Toxic Behaviour are as follows; :
    Rudeness - Making comments that are intended to be offensive toward another member of the community, this can be anything from personal remarks about them, condescending them in any way or just being downright disrespectful. As members here we EXPECT you to be civil to each other. It is important to remember this rule in particular when dealing with staff, there will be times where staff will have to deny your work or they will remind you of the Site Rules due to certain behaviours you have displayed. If we are met with retaliation or rudeness, you will be met with an immediate Level 1 Warning - no exceptions!

    Bashing -  Whether it's the effort put into the creation and functionality of the forum, or the work that members go into the creation of their characters and their plot, we all have the right to appreciate our work and enjoy it the way what it is we have made. The act of insulting, slandering, or putting down the site or its members in any way is not tolerated here. Whilst we can be open to feedback, criticism layered out in an offensive manner is not acceptable as it falls under 'rudeness'.

    Blackmail/Baiting - This includes but is not limited to using information gained on the forum about a person to manipulate them for your own personal gain. This can be construed also as doing excessive favours or buying them on-site features with the expectation that they owe you. Baiting in this regard is defined as intentionally trying to make a person angry or upset by saying or doing things to annoy them.

    Discussion of Suicide/Self-harm/Self-deprecation - We want to build a healthy environment here on Vyldermire, and to do so we must be strict on this. Making ANY remarks about suicide or self-harm is not permitted here as it can be triggering to some of our member base. Additionally, as much as we understand that some people cannot help but self-deprecate, if a staff member sees you doing it at an excessive level, you will receive a warning. This is because some individuals will use self-deprecation as a means to manipulate others and force them to empathize with them. It can also be used to guilt others over a certain situation which essentially falls under baiting. Furthermore, should a member imply any form of self-harm as a means to manipulate another member then they will be instantly perma-banned from the forum, an example of this is threatening to hurt yourself if you don't get what you want.

    Bragging-  This is a Stat based forum and yes the higher the numbers, technically the stronger you are. But it is very important to our members who are less stat-focused that you do not brag about your levels. Doing so can not only be construed as baiting but it can also be a means to put down or shame those with lower numbers. As we want to create a pleasant environment, it is imperative that our members be mindful of others in this scenario.

    Guilting/Gaslighting- Manipulation is just not tolerated here, whether is it done through guilt-tripping over members to feel sorry for you as a means to get your way, or gaslighting them. Gaslighting is the act of manipulating a person by forcing them to question their thoughts, memories, and the events occurring around them.

    Disrespecting Staffmembers - Staff work very hard to make sure you have a fun time here at VRP, we do things with our members best interest at heart and we understand this doesn't always suit everyone. But in order to maintain a peaceful and happy community, it is imperative that you remain respectful of our decision. You are welcome to PM a staff member if you have a concern regarding site matters, but bashing and openly condescending staff will not be well-received.

    Keep it out of discord - There are times when conversations grow tense, whether it is a difference of opinion, a general dislike for someone else, a political discussion or otherwise. However, we want our server to be a pleasant environment for all, which means if you feel the need to disagree with another and wish to discuss it further, you are advised to move to Private Messages. This is so that the main server can maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all, additionally if a staff member believes that the conversation is becoming tense. They may ask you to change the subject or move to DMS, upon which you are REQUIRED to do so. The same goes for censoring any words or comments that staff deems inappropriate for a PG-13 server. Failure to comply could result in a warning and/or you being removed from the server.

  • 2. Be Appropriate
    This is a PG-13 forum, which means that the content here must be suitable for members aged 13 and under. As such the content created here must adhere to this guildline and cannot be excessively explicit or graphic, doing so would result in suitable punishment. In additional to this whilst it is acceptable to create a character that is racist as a part of their personality trait, racism in the site's discussion forums and its discord will NOT be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racial slurs, stereotypes, derogatory treatment of members because of their culture, race or ethnicity.

    Forumotion Terms of Service states as follows:

    By using the services offered by forumotion.com, the User agrees to use them in accordance with the purpose for which they were designed, and not to use the products and services to – in particular – encourage, promote, or present in a favorable light:

    Content of a sexual, obscene, pornographic nature,
    Violent, defamatory, discriminatory content, incitement to racial hatred, crimes against humanity.

    In addition to this because we are a PG-13, minors are free to roleplay here under the notion that their safety is considered our utmost priority. If a member is seen or reported to have display any nature of predatory behaviour towards the underage members of our community not only will you be perma-banned but you will be reported to the relevant authorities. And whilst we are especially conscious about protecting the minors here, this rule also adheres to the harassment, sexual or otherwise, of our adult member base. We will treat any reported case with the strictness and non-tolerance warrant for it and it is highly recommended that should you witness such behaviour in the main discord or in direct messages/chats, that you report it to a member of staff so that we can deal with it accordingly.

    3. No Godmodding
    Godmodding is termed referring to the act of playing god or controlling another players character in any way. You are only permitted to control your own character unless you have explicit OOC permission from the other player. Godmodding can be broken down into four types of RP Godmodding.

    • Godmodding is godmoding specific to character creation, skills, and certain situations (e.g., combat).

    • Powerplaying is godmoding by controlling another roleplayer’s character without permission.

      Examples of Powerplaying:
      Damage Powerplay - Damage powerplay is what many roleplayers think of when they hear “powerplay.” Damage-based powerplay inflicts damage on another roleplay character without the roleplayer’s permission. It is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of bad roleplay.

      Action Powerplay - Stating, completing, or otherwise interfering in any way with another character’s actions. I.e. 'Hi,” she said brightly. He gave her his best scowl in return, glowering at her from a stormy brow. '

      Assumption Powerplay -  Assumptions are assumed interactions (things that didn’t actually happen in roleplay).

      Profile Powerplay - A weak and generally harmless form of powerplay occurs in character profiles. Novice roleplayers may describe other characters’ presumed reactions. Profile powerplay can become bad roleplay when the player attempts to force reactions in accordance with their profile (action powerplay).

    • Metagaming is godmoding specific to the use of OOC knowledge in roleplayed actions, behaviours, thoughts.

    • Retconning is godmoding specific to erasure or alteration of past events. The rescinding of events and interactions that have occurred with other players as if they haven't happened, without getting their permission. The ONLY time that this is permitted is if all parties consent to it, or if the party involved has left the forum. If such member does not return after three months of being archived, the player retains to right to rescind information should it hinder the progress of their character.

    4. No Plagiarism
    Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Please make sure that your work is your own, if you are caught stealing work from others you will be permanently banned from the forum.

    5. No Cheating/Loopholing
    We try our best to make our magic system are functional and easy to follow as possible, whilst maintaining the thrill of the numbers game. However, this is a relatively new and untried system that we're running so we will learn as we go, if however, a member discovers a loophole in the system then they are expected to report it to staff. Should you instead choose to manipulate the mechanics of the forums to exploit this loophole instead, you will receive at the minimum a warning, or potentially be banned from the forum depending on how toxically you have used this to manipulate both the system and the site's members.

    6. Advertising & Spam
    Advertisings must be done in the appropriate board and cannot be done outside of this board. Advertising in the site's discord is not permitted at all. Spamming on the site is not permitted under any circumstance.

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Site Rules Empty Re: Site Rules

Post by Admin Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:42 am


The minimum word count for all roleplay posts is 100 words. This is to ensure that those your roleplay partners will have enough to react to in character. If your post falls short you will be instructed by staff to lengthen your post, should you fall to do this multiple times you will receive a warning from staff.

Threads, unless specified otherwise, follow the roleplay order in which they were replied to. However, if someone takes longer than 24 hours to reply to a thread, other parties are permitted to skip them.

Roleplay is a means that helps us escape from reality however sometimes, reality takes precedent. Not only that, sometimes we have more muse for some things than others and that's perfectly okay. What's not okay, is to nag people for posts. If they haven't replied to you in over a week, you may gently prod them for an update. However, if you are caught to be nagging, shaming or harassing members for posts, you will receive a warning from staff.

Unless a player specifically asks or gives you permission to kill their character, you cannot kill them. In PVP should someone lose, they essentially fall unconscious and for whatever IC reason chosen by the participants is pulled away from the fight. If anyone is caught trying to pressure others to let them kill their character they will reason a warning from staff.

Unless a thread specifically says [OPEN] in the title, you are not permitted to jump into the thread unless the host of the thread has invited you.

The site's lore and the world that surrounds the site is up to the creation of the site admins and its developers, as such please only use the region provided. Do not make up new regions, countries, cities or towns as we plan to develop the world as the site's story unfolds. You are welcome to create whatever dimensions and the external realm you like as an Otherworlder or as part of your magic, but you cannot directly change or manipulate the world of Vyldermire.

To start off with, Character may create up to three characters. After the third, they are required not only to buy a character slot but they must also fit the activity requirements for each additional character. For the fourth character slot, a player must be consistently active on the forum for three months. For each character made after this, they must continue to be active for an additional three months following each character creation. If a player takes a hiatus for longer than a month, this period of time is reset to their return date. At present, the maximum number of characters than can be created is twelve.

Regardless of the username you sign up with, once your character has been approved your username will automatically be amended to match your characters name. This will be either their first name, their full name or an alias. Should you want this amended i.e Full named shortened to just a first name, you can do so by contacting staff.

For your profile avatar we recommend that you use a width of 200px and a height between 335px to 350px. For normal site graphics such as signatures or art in your posts, we recommend you do not post images wider 700px.

This goes without saying but when roleplaying anyone under the age of sixteen, there are certain rules that must be followed. Firstly and most importantly, child characters cannot be sexualized in any manner. They can have crushes or even date, but all relations must be strictly innocent and cannot engage in any content of an inappropriate manner.

When engaging in site systems, everything is very lore intensive and children are treated with very specific guidelines as per our quest and faction system;

> Anyone under sixteen cannot apply to be a Guardian Knight or officially join a faction. The only exception to this is any factions with 'Junior Divisions' which are very much like schools that run under the supervision of that faction and training future members.
> Anyone under sixteen cannot do Monster Hunting quests or dangerous quests without the supervision of an adult.


Members of VRP are expected to be reasonably active, as such all members must post at the very least, once per month. Should three months pass without a pass on at least one of your accounts, your character and your stat-sheet will be archived. This may be extended to six months under certain circumstances, please contact an admin if you need to take an extended break. If you leave the forum for more than TWO YEARS, you will lose your character's current in game status and upon returning to the forum your account features (VG, EXP, REP etc) will be reset to 0.

If you are going to be inactive, we recommend you write an official hiatus in our Hellos & Goodbyes subboard. Thus you will be exempted from any activity checks we do on our members, particularly those pertaining to any site positions or face claims you might hold.


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