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Post by Admin Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:12 am

Newbie Guide Q3ePtOb

Hello, fellow adventurer!

Welcome to Vyldermire, or VRP for short. We're thrilled to have you. This is a world of magic and wonder of our own design, with its own unique lore and take on the high fantasy genre of roleplay. We've taken inspiration from many of our favourite stories, anime, and games to craft lore we hope you will immerse yourself in. That said, let's get you started!

First stop, you should check out our site rules! You must read the whole thing before you get started here, so you'll know what we expect of you as a member of VRP.

Second on the list, our Welcome Page! You will need to familiarize yourself with what we offer here, and this provides the basics. Without this knowledge, it will be hard to understand the world you are putting your character into or what's being offered here. In tandem with this, we recommend also reading The History of Vyldermire, which expands on our setting in detail so you'll know what the world is like when your character takes its first step into its green pastures.

Assuming you've read the material above, now we'll get to the good part. Character creation! Refer to our Sub-Species Information to learn about the people living in Vyldermire for what might best tickle your muse fancy. Then, when you have something in mind, snag the Character Application Template and post it up in W.I.P Applications. Once you fill it out, place it in the Character App Submission Thread for staff to review and approve. If you're using a Face Claim, don't forget to claim it as your own after character approval. Getting your character up and running is the most important step to getting started, and once done it unlocks the world of Vyldermire! It is highly recommended that you get your character application done first before creating or designing magic/equipment.

Having a hard time with getting a character started? Take a peek at our Canon Claim for potential families to join. Sometimes there are even partially made characters waiting there to be claimed who are already heavily involved in this fantasy world, which can be a great springing board until you get comfortable enough to create your own.

There's so much more to indulge in after this, such as making magic (stat or statless), joining a faction, and taking quests to gain Vyldergold (VG), exp, and reputation! If you're interested in knowing more about these right away, continue reading, adventurer!

Additional Points of Interest

Most important to those wanting to earn exp, VG, and reputation are our Quests! After reading our handy Quest Guide to get a better idea of what these entail, head on over to the Quest Sign Up so staff can approve your journey. The Quest Value Chart will tell you the word count you need to hit for completion, as well as the rewards you will receive. Once you've completed your Quest, you'll turn it in for staff to check over and hand out credit. Then, and this is important, you'll need to track your completed quests in your personal Quest Tracker. You'll use your Quest Tracker every time you've collected enough exp to Rank Up, so don't forget or you'll be swimming through threads later trying to find where all that yummy exp came from! Feel like a real adventurer yet?

But wait, there's more! It wouldn't be fantasy without a little magic, right? Flying through Character Ranks makes you stronger and allows you to make more spells! The Magic Rules will help you out greatly here to know what to expect and how it works, and once you have the knowledge and an idea, you can submit a Magic Application for staff to look over and generate for you.

If you want to add stats to your character and magic, you can request that staff make you a Statsheet and let us know at the bottom of your magic application if you would like stats added to that, as well.

And if after all that you're still looking for a little more excitement and for an easy way for your character to meet like-minded others, check out our Factions!

This is just a taste of what Vydermire has to offer. There are even more surprises lurking around, like monster hunting and taming, buying or crafting potions, PVP if that's your thing, and outfitting your character with equipment. Staff have plenty of exciting things up our sleeves, so be on the lookout for special quests and site events, as well as changes to the world around you in response to character actions! Keep your eyes open and, please, have fun!


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