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Luke Cromwell Empty Luke Cromwell

Post by Luke Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:26 am



Alias/Nicknames: Lucas Cromwell, Luke "The Red", Luke "The Wingless"
Race: Anthro
Sub-species: Draconyte
Gender / Sexuality: Male / Pansexual
Age / Birthday: 20
Alighment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Unaffiliated


Personality: Passion, energy and a flair for the dramatic; in many ways, Lucas Cromwell (Call him "Luke", he prefers it that way) is the very pinnacle of the stereotype of draconytes as ruled by their whims and emotions. An adrenaline junkie by heart, Luke is always chasing the next high, the next greatest adventure and the next most exciting event to take part in, and he will often throw both caution and his own safety to the wind for the sake of making things more interesting or, by his own definition, "cool". It's not that he's foolish, necessarily, but he is supremely confident in his own ability and will often fail to take most things seriously despite the fact that, at times, it might really be in his best interest to do so. He will often taunt and jeer while fighting, using his natural speed and aptitude for dodging blows alongside his own sharp tongue to become a truly frustrating affair. A braggart and a showoff, Luke does not only care about being as stylish as possible at all times, but only makes sure that everyone sees and knows just how stylish he is. The aforementioned confidence oozes from his very pores, and it would be easy to describe him both as cocky and smug. At the end of the day, he is a person that has lived his entire life convinced of his own greatness, and it will take quite a bit to shake that out of him.

Sitting still is absolute death to Luke. He is a man that constantly needs new kicks, new experiences and new highs, and ennui is the worst experience that he could ever imagine. It is why he left an all things considered far more comfortable life to take to the road as an adventurer and monster slayer, it is why he continues to throw himself headfirst into danger without any hesitation. Luke constantly needs new things; new monsters to slay, new sights to see, new bed partners to share the night with, new parties to attend. The second something grows stale to him, the second something begins to bore him, is the second that he drops it and moves on. He is undeniably a bit of a diva, his glamorous lifestyle making it difficult for him to get used to the discomfort that comes with not living in a glamorous private estate. He is likely to whine about inane things, and expect luxury where there is none to find.

Yet, despite all of his faults, it cannot be denied that Luke is a, if nothing else, a decent, selfless person at his core. He is cocky and reckless but he is also brave, gladly charging headlong into danger to protect those that can't do what he does. He is vain and conceited, but he is also genuinely charming, having a laid-back, reassuring presence that puts many at ease in crisis situations. He's spoiled, he's a rogue, he's thoroughly flawed, but he is also extremely empathetic, and that emotional nature that keeps him from staying in one place and facing responsibility is the very same that makes it impossible to stay put when someone is in trouble - for good and for ill, Luke is ruled by his heart. Ultimately, it cannot be denied that Luke is ultimately  force of good in the world, and he will continue living every day like his last, finding new highs and saving more lives without ever looking back.

History (100 words on your character's history, where did they come from, where did they grow up? How has their life moulded them)

Likes: Attention, Excitement, Praise

Dislikes: Boredom, Expectations, Responsibility

Goal/Aspiration: Become an adventurer whose name everyone knows.

Key Fear/Adversary: His own ego and tendency to take unnecessary risks is without a doubt his biggest sabotaging factor. He is his own worst enemy.


Height: 6'1"
Body Type: Muscular, with emphasis on his legs. He's a skillful athlete and acrobat.
Hair: Bronze red
Eyes: Bright green
Skin Tone: Tan
Scale Color: Bright ruby red
Irregularities He has several golden ear, face and body piercings. He also has quite a few nicks and scars across his body, the most notable one crossing over his left eyebrow.

Overall Appearance:

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Luke Cromwell Empty Re: Luke Cromwell

Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux Wed May 19, 2021 12:18 pm


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