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Post by Elijah Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:47 pm



Alias/Nicknames: Eli
Race: Eldritch | Hybrid
Sub-species: Half Vampire, Half Werewolf (Witch Heritage)
Gender / Sexuality: Male, Hetero
Age / Birthday:  3262 (Looks Mid-Twenties) / March 17th
Alighment: Adventurers Guild
Faction: Rebel Scorpius


Personality: There's more than meets the eye in the case of Elijah St Clough, but the fact he's grumpy and jaded is just the tip of the iceberg. That's without even stating he's also heartless, short-tempered and dominating, but at least they only show in smaller doses and mixed with behaviours of being carefully orchestrated decisions as well. Multiple enemies have been made because of this and his volatile nature, all of which have failed to outlive the hybrid. His centuries upon this world have made him wise but not the most patient of individuals. He has seen so much in his lifetime that he is easily exhausted by the repetitive, particularly pertaining to humanity and it's trivial concerns.

Needless to say, his fuse is short and it does not take much to anger the man. Often throughout his life his rage has led to poor decisions and many lives have been taken in the process, even sometimes of those who were close to him. The one thing that Elijah values more than anything is loyalty, gain his loyalty and he will destroy cities for you, betray him however and let it be your downfall. Forgiveness is not in this mans arsenal, it is something that he struggles to embody and perhaps had led him to some fruitless punishments in his time. The consequences for treachery are always harsher than they need be and are likely the reason why essentially he is a  very lonely soul.

There was once a time when Elijah was surrounded by friends and family, a time that he was much happier. Yet it would seem that over the years those he once cherished have either died or abandoned him, pushed away by his volatile personality and selfish actions. It is something that he secretly craves, but he would never admit it.

History: Elijah, originally was born to a family of witches. There was perhaps a time when his life was simpler, humble even. That was until his family was taken from him by hunters of the Eldritch, humans killed his family in the name of their church and he barely managed to escape with his life. He survived on his own for a while, cursing humanity for what they had done. But his power was not enough to appease his hatred, he needed more power. More power to punish the humans. It was then that he came across a powerful vampire, a lord amongst their kind. The Vampire initially wished to feed on him, but Elijah's rage and desperation to live on and avenge his family proved so strong that the vampire spared him. And even bestowed his power onto him, turning him into one of his own. For many millennia Elijah lived as a vampire, using this new power, combined with witchcraft to fight on the Eldritch side of the holy war. Even rising to the status of a King, and leading an army of vampires at his behest. But it was still not enough, his wrath could not be quelled. And so he sought a new power, one forbidden to his kind. He sought the power of the wolves, and with the power of magic and enduring many powerful bites, he morphed into something new. A hybrid.

This controversial decision lost him a great deal of his following, including that of his family. His family advised him to take his time to regain the respect of his people before fighting again, but he didn't listen. As he lost one of the great battles that occurred in his homeland, his wife and his youngest son Michael was killed. After this tragic lost, his remaining two children would take leave of him, and as such he was dethroned as the King of Tir Nan Dubhar. He has not giving up though, to this day he still fights to regain his kingship and rekindle the trust he lost.


☥ Drinking Blood ☥
His vampiric nature makes drinking blood an essentially enjoyable experience for the individual. However due to his age, he does not require much to sustain him. He does however crave it, especially when he is angry or aroused.

☥ Company ☥
He is a loner because it is better than the consequence of people surrounded by others, but in actuality the man wants to be surrounded by others. Particularly those he is close to, he however cannot help but push people away.

☥ Sports ☥
Over his time, he has never grown tired of watching competition in action. He is quite a sport's fan of every variety and practices sport quite actively.

☥ Collecting Things ☥
As time has gone by, Elijah has found himself collecting all sorts of weird artefacts and even creatures. He has a preference for all things old and unique and can find himself swayed to wanting the most curious object if interesting enough.


☥ Being Called a Inu / Neko ☥
He is a very proud individual and degrading him in such a way is a quick way to make him lose his temper.

☥ Disloyalty ☥
Betrayal is something Elijah cannot tolerate, having been betrayed by so many. He has little tolerance for it and his reaction to it can be quite severe.

☥ Supernatural Hunters ☥
Elijah's mother, friends and vampires have fallen at the hand of witch, vampire and lycan hunters. Thus there is no other type of being he despises more than of those who would kill his kind.

☥ Recreating his Empire ☥
Elijah is tired of living in the shadows, once a powerful and mighty king amongst his kind. He finds himself fallen and wishes to rise up once more.

☥ Finding his place in the world ☥
Elijah has been lost for quite sometime now, unsure of himself. He wishes to accomplish the sense of belonging he once had.

☥ Loyalty ☥
It is the one thing that has the potential to drive him to be selfless.

Key Fear/Adversary: ☥ Dying with no legacy ☥
He fear he will leave this world without ever really have left a mark on it.

☥ Being forever alone ☥
Spending the rest of eternity without anyone by his side is something that Elijah finds himself deeply concerned with. He worries the means to which he pushes everyone away will leave him with no one.

☥ Loss ☥
One of the recent he keeps everyone at a distance, is for fear of losing them. He has endured so much loss in his lifetime that he can hardly bare it.


Height: 6'0 Ft
Body Type: Lean & Muscular
Hair: Black when in normal state, White in Hybrid State
Eyes: Mercury in normal state, Gold in Hybrid State
Skin Tone: Light

Overall Appearance:
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Post by Iris Thu Feb 18, 2021 11:34 pm


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